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Since you have enough to do in running your organization each day, you can count on our service, technology and experience to assist you with the important needs of your business.

You only bring us onto your retirement plan team if we can illustrate improvements to your plan!

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The fact of the matter

Being responsible for your company’s retirement plan isn’t easy. Vendors, fees, investments, endless regulations, fiduciary risk – the list goes on and on. In our opinion, most plans aren’t managed well or with any clear direction, creating risk for companies and worry for employees.

Legacy in action

But what if you had a simpler, easier way to identify and fix issues before they became problems, while offering the best possible plan for your company and your people?

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Here’s how it works

Here’s how it works. First, we use our proprietary methodology to analyze nearly 40 criteria about your plan in the 4 key areas that drive plan success.

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Plan Expenses

A complimentary plan comparison will give you a look under the hood of your 401(k) and benchmark to similar plans.

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Fiduciary Risks

Plan sponsors have many fiduciary responsibilities under ERISA. We help you determine if your bases are covered.

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Plan Design

There are many plan features and designs that can create incentive and retention where you want it.

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Investment Quality

Do you have quality funds available? Is your performance hindered by thorough and routine reviews?

Our planning, your choice

After this analysis, we will address your concerns and strive to improve your current plan. If you decide to change plans we will assist you with a request for proposal from time-tested platforms in the market. We will sit side by side with you and consult you through the process of choosing the plan that fits you and your employees’ best interest.

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Success by numbers.

Syncing up the critical parts of your life is our focus. Considering your personal and professional goals in depth allows us to help you manage your wealth towards those goals with confidence, and you’ll always have a fully engaged and supportive team beside you.

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